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Australian General Practice is going through an evolutionary phase in how care is delivered in primary care, moving from single person focused care to management of the practice population. There is a critical challenge to build the right IT system to support this approach to quality, safe care.

Primary Sense is a highly advanced business intelligence toolset that will support general practices to make timely decisions for better health care for their respective populations. Primary Sense works by:

  • integrating diagnosis, medications and pathology data from practice management system and applying evidenced based algorithms including the Johns Hopkins risk stratification tool,
  • identifying high risk groups and patients who are eligible/due items of care,
  • relaying patient information at the point of care as targeted alerts and prompts,
  • providing reports that enable practices to plan and coordinate care in an efficient way so patients get the right care at the right time,
  • providing clinical audit functions, pre-accreditation data checks, and a risk stratified profile of the entire practice patient population,
  • enhancing the level and detail of service planning that PHNs can do based on historic and current de-identified patient level, practice level, and regional level data, enabling predictive modelling and tracking outcomes over time.
Primary Sense Examples

Primary Sense is loaded onto the practice's server and de-identified data is exacted and securely transferred to the Primary Sense database in Azure for analysis. Patient information is provided back via an app on your desktop based on your selections.

For a series of short videos (2-3 mins) highlighting the functionality and benefits of Primary Sense, see Primary Sense™ Videos.

Primary sense was developed with experts and local GPs for GPs.

For more information please contact Debbie Davies at debbied@gcphn.com.au.